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The Assets Fund is divided into two divisions both focusing on the value of real estate with very specific targeted goals taylored to meet the expectations of our clients (The Investors).

Community Revitalization

The Assets Fund provides wealth building opportunities within local communities allowing individual investors to become part a program named Community Revitalization.

  • Coordinate programs that work with state and local officials to help tap into available state and federal grants
  • Working with local non for-profit organizations to help identify areas of revitalization
  • Working primarily with local businesses allowing us to create job opportunities
  • Delivering a code of conduct which establishes specific expectations that must be represented by the entire team at The Assets Fund including senior management and all employees throughout the organization and is equally understood and supported by all of our local vendors and investors who participant and partner in our projects.
  • Protecting and managing any environmental impact is essential to ensuring the trust of the local communities we partner with.

The goal of this program is simply to create wealth by helping rebuild local communities while improving property values overall and empowering people to get involved and become part of the entire process.

Value Driven Real Estate

Real estate investments offer unique opportunities through a variety of channels each tailored to specific targeted goals. These channels which are available while investing can provide immediate returns on investments or have the ability of creating long term growth through income driven properties.

Our approach consists of research developed by our executives for our client’s investment objectives that manage risks designed to yield the best value and return on their investments.

The objectives of our real estate investments consist of the following values while specializing in both residential and commercial real estate. Testing the system.

  • Real Estate Property Flips
  • Single and Multi-Family Properties
  • Commercial Properties

The Assets Fund believes in complete transparency with its investors and offers a variety of investment opportunities through managed properties with clear reporting which demonstrates everything that is going on with each property in your portfolio. You’ll be able to track historical data on every property we have managed, including the financials for every property The Assets Fund has completed. Open transparency is key to earning your trust to build a better relationship between our team and our investors.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Making an Impact Across the Globe